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São Vicente – an island whose people are not wealthy, but have so much to offer  – where restaurants are not fancy, but your taste buds are distinctly marveled – where there aren’t any lavish concert halls, but live music in quaint local settings elevates your spirit. A place where you can truly disconnect, recharge, catch up on your reading list, go for strolls along its charming streets, stare in wonder at the beautiful Porto Grande bay, and enjoy the pleasures of being in the moment – in quietude or festivity.


The experience is beautifully complimented with a visit to the neighboring island of Santo Antão, which is only a one-hour ferry boat ride away, but a world apart from everywhere else on earth. The amazing mountain hikes, the fresh smell of unspoiled nature, the reinvigorating sound of silence, the delightful taste of locally produced goat cheese and aged rum hundreds of meters above sea level, and the welcoming simplicity of its people will forever change your definition of Vacation.


São Vicente and Santo Antão pair perfectly and the experience begins in Casa da Djedja.